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ICardTDate, TName, TFormattedName, TAddress, TAddressLabel, TTelephone, TEmail, TNote, TMedia, TLogo, TSound, TTimeZone, TGeo, TTitle, TRole, TNickname, TCategories, TOrganization, TUriProperty, TKey, TSource, TCardMultiPropertyOrganizations Property

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference
Specifies the organizational name and units associated with this business card.

Namespace:  ITHit.Collab.Card
Assembly:  ITHit.Collab (in ITHit.Collab.dll) Version: (
ICardPropertyList<TOrganization> Organizations { get; }

ICardPropertyList<TOrganization> Organizations { get; }

Property Value

Type: ICardPropertyListTOrganization

The first field of [!:Values] property is the Organization Name. Second field is the Organizational Unit.

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