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ITHit.Server Namespace

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference
Contains classes and interfaces that are common for WebDAV and Google G Suite editing.
Public classContextAsyncTHierarchyItemAsync
This class represents an execution context. Holds request, response, and resolves hierarchy items by paths.
Public classContextCoreAsyncTHierarchyItemAsync
Represents IT Hit Engine context used in ASP.NET Core-based server.
Public classContextHttpListenerAsyncTHierarchyItemAsync
Represents IT Hit Engine context used in HttpListener-based server.
Public classContextOwinAsyncTHierarchyItemAsync
Represents IT Hit Engine context optimized for IOwinContext.
Public classContextWebAsyncTHierarchyItemAsync
Represents IT Hit Engine context used in IIS-based server.
Public classContextWebListenerAsyncTHierarchyItemAsync
Represents IT Hit Engine context used in WebListener-based server.
Public classEngineAsyncTHierarchyItemAsync
Provides common functionality for IT Hit WebDAV Engine and IT Hit G Suite Engine.
Public classRequestAsync
Represents an incoming HTTP request.
Public classResponseAsync
Represents HTTP response.
Public interfaceIContentAsync
Base interface for items that have content.
Public interfaceIHierarchyItemBaseAsync
Represents one item (file, folder) in the repository.
Public interfaceILogger
Engine uses this interface to perform logging.
Public enumerationLogFlagsEnum
Logging options.