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ITHit.WebDAV.Client Namespace

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference
This namespace provides classes for accessing WebDAV server items, file structure management, properties management and items locking.
Public classContentStream
Provides access to the file content stream and ContentModified value returned by server.
Public classCode exampleLockInfo
Information about lock set on an item.
Public classLockUriTokenPair
Represents pair of file or folder uri - lock token. Used to access locked resources.
Public classCode exampleOptionsInfo
Options of an item, described by supported HTTP extensions
Public classCode exampleProperty
WebDAV Property that represents xml properties as well as allows to access simple string properties.
Public classCode examplePropertyName
WebDAV property name.
Public classCode exampleSearchQuery
WebDAV search query.
Public classSource
Media type independent link.
Public classWebDavErrorEventArgs
WebDAV error event argument. Contains information about an error.
Public classWebDavMessageEventArgs
Event message argument. Contains information to be logged.
Public classCode exampleWebDavSession
Session for accessing WebDAV servers.
Public structureHttpStatus
Structure that describes HTTP response's status.
Public interfaceIChangedItem
Represents an item change.
Public interfaceIChanges
Represents list of changes.
Public interfaceCode exampleIFile
Represents a file on a WebDAV server.
Public interfaceCode exampleIFolder
Represents a folder in a WebDAV repository.
Public interfaceCode exampleIHierarchyItem
Represents one WebDAV item (file, folder, version or lock-null).
Public interfaceCode exampleIItemContent
Provides file upload and download functionality.
Public interfaceCode exampleIMultistatus
Represents information about errors occurred in different elements.
Public interfaceCode exampleIMultistatusResponse
Represents error occurred in one element.
Public interfaceCode exampleIPropertyMultistatusResponse
Provides means for finding which properties failed to update.
Public interfaceCode exampleIResumableUpload
Provides support partial uploads and resuming broken uploads.
Public interfaceISession
Public interfaceISynchronizationCollection
Provides synchronization support. Allows efficient synchronization of he contents of a WebDAV collection.
Public interfaceCode exampleIVersion
Represents a single file version.
Public delegateWebDavErrorEventHandler
WebDAV error event delegate.
Public delegateWebDavMessageEventHandler
WebDav message event delegate.
Public enumerationAutoVersion
Auto versioning modes.
Public enumerationChange
Represents change types.
Public enumerationCode exampleFeatures
Represents WebDAV server item compliance.
Public enumerationItemType
Type of IHierarchyItem.
Public enumerationCode exampleLockScope
Scope of the lock.
Public enumerationWebDavErrorEventResult
Informs the library how to further process the error.