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ITHit.WebDAV.Server.Acl Namespace

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference
This namespace provides interfaces for creating server which supports user and permissions management.
Public classAclRestriction
Defines the types of ACLs supported by the server, to avoid clients needlessly getting errors.
Public classNeedPrivilegesException
Indicates that an operation failed due to insufficient privileges for one or more items.
Public classReadAce
Specifies the set of privileges to be either granted or denied to a single principal.
Public classSetAclErrorDetails
Public classSupportedPrivilege
Identifies the privileges defined for the resource.
Public classWriteAce
Specifies the set of privileges to be either granted or denied to a single principal.
Public structurePrivilege
Specifies a privilege that can be given to a principal on an item.
Public structurePropertyDescription
Public interfaceIAccessControl
Represents an item that supports WebDAV ACL. Enables access-control feature support discovery.
Public interfaceIAclHierarchyItem
Interface to be implemented by hierarchy items that support setting permissions (ACL).
Public interfaceICurrentUserPrincipal
Assists in finding currently loged-in user. Provides current-user-principal feature support. Required by iOS and OS X CalDAV and CardDAV clients on folders pointed to by '.well-known' requests (context path folder).
Public interfaceIPrincipal
Represents a principal - a distinct human or computational actor that initiates access to items in WebDAV repository.
Public interfaceIPrincipalFolder
Represents a folder that contains principals.
Public enumerationAceType
Type of ReadAce or WriteAce record.
Public enumerationMatchBy
Public enumerationWellKnownPrincipal
Lists predefined principals having special meaning in WebDav. Urls of these principals will be retrieved using ResolveWellKnownPrincipalAsync(WellKnownPrincipal)