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ITHit.WebDAV.Server Namespace

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference
This namespace provides classes for accessing WebDAV server items, file structure management, properties management.
Public classCode exampleDavEngineAsync
Represents WebDAV engine. Processes WebDAV request and generates WebDAV response.
Public classDavException
Exception which can be thrown by WebDAV interface implementations.
Public classEncodeUtil
Encodes/Decodes url parts.
Public classInvalidLicenseException
Exception that indicates that the license is invalid.
Public classCode exampleMimeType
Provides functionality for getting mime type by file extension.
Public classMultistatusException
Exception which contains errors for multiple items or properties.
Public classCode examplePostUploadProgressModule
Enables POST upload with progress of files to IIS/ASP.NET.
Public classPropertyValue
Describes one property associated with hierarchy item object.
Public structureDavStatus
Represents HTTP status code with description.
Public structureErrorDetails
Describes detail that can be passed to DavException.
Public structurePropertyName
Describes property name.
Public interfaceIHierarchyItem
Represents one item (file, folder) in the WebDAV repository.
Public interfaceIItemCollection
Base interface for folders.