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IVersionGetPredecessorsAsync Method

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference
Returns predessors of this version.

Namespace:  ITHit.WebDAV.Client
Assembly:  ITHit.WebDAV.Client (in ITHit.WebDAV.Client.dll) Version: 5.1.2712
Task<IVersion[]> GetPredecessorsAsync()

Task<IVersion[]> GetPredecessorsAsync()

Field Value

Type: TaskIVersion
Array of this version predecessors.

Return Value

Type: TaskIVersion

[Missing <returns> documentation for "M:ITHit.WebDAV.Client.IVersion.GetPredecessorsAsync"]

UnauthorizedExceptionThe user is not authorized.
NotFoundExceptionThis version doesn't exist on server any more.
WebDavHttpExceptionServer returned unknown error.
WebDavExceptionAn error occured while processing response.
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