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IPrincipalFolderAsync Methods

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference

The IPrincipalFolderAsync type exposes the following members.

Public methodCode exampleCopyToAsync
Creates a copy of this item with a new name in the destination folder.
(Inherited from IHierarchyItemAsync.)
Public methodCreateFolderAsync
Creates principal folder with given name.
Public methodCreatePrincipalAsync
Creates principal with given name.
Public methodCode exampleDeleteAsync
Deletes this item.
(Inherited from IHierarchyItemAsync.)
Public methodFindPrincipalsByPropertyValuesAsync
Performs a search for all principals in this folder whose properties contain character data that matches the search criteria specified. One expected use of this method is to discover principals by searching for them by name. This is done by searching over DISPLAYNAME ([!:IHierarchyItemAsync.Name]), which is defined on all principals.
Public methodCode exampleGetChildrenAsync
Gets direct children of this folder.
(Inherited from IItemCollectionAsync.)
Public methodGetMatchingPrincipalsAsync
Is used to find all groups residing in the subtree of current item which contain currently authenticated user. The user itself shall also be included if it is located in the subtree of this item.
Public methodGetPrincipalSearcheablePropertiesAsync
Public methodCode exampleGetPropertiesAsync
Gets values of all properties or selected properties for this item.
(Inherited from IHierarchyItemAsync.)
Public methodCode exampleGetPropertyNamesAsync
Gets names of all properties for this item.
(Inherited from IHierarchyItemAsync.)
Public methodCode exampleMoveToAsync
Moves this item to the destination folder under a new name.
(Inherited from IHierarchyItemAsync.)
Public methodCode exampleUpdatePropertiesAsync
Adds, modifies and removes properties for this item.
(Inherited from IHierarchyItemAsync.)
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