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IAddress3 Interface

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference
Represents business card 3.0 address.

Namespace:  ITHit.Collab.Card
Assembly:  ITHit.Collab (in ITHit.Collab.dll) Version: (
public interface IAddress3 : IProperty, 
	ITypedProperty<AddressType>, ILanguage, ICardMultiProperty, ICardProperty2, 
	ICardMultiProperty2, IAddress

The IAddress3 type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAppartmentNumber Obsolete.
Extended address (e.g., apartment or suite number).
(Inherited from IAddress.)
Public propertyContainer
Parent component for this instance.
(Inherited from IProperty.)
Public propertyCode exampleCountry
Country name.
(Inherited from IAddress.)
Public propertyIsPrefered
Indicates if this property is preferred.
(Inherited from ICardMultiProperty.)
Public propertyLanguage
Gets or sets language.
(Inherited from ILanguage.)
Public propertyCode exampleLocality
Locality (e.g., city).
(Inherited from IAddress.)
Public propertyPoBox Obsolete.
Post office box.
(Inherited from IAddress.)
Public propertyCode examplePostalCode
Postal code.
(Inherited from IAddress.)
Public propertyRawProperty
Provides low-level access to business card or calendar property.
(Inherited from IProperty.)
Public propertyCode exampleRegion
Region (e.g., state or province).
(Inherited from IAddress.)
Public propertyCode exampleStreet
Street address.
(Inherited from IAddress.)
Public propertyTypes
Property types, such as home, work, cell, etc.
(Inherited from ITypedPropertyT.)
Public methodRemove
Deletes property from calendar or business card.
(Inherited from IProperty.)
Public methodSetAddress(String, String, String, String, String, AddressType)
Sets address.
(Inherited from IAddress.)
Public methodSetAddress(String, String, String, String, String, String, String, AddressType)
Sets all possible componenets of address.
(Inherited from IAddress.)
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