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EngineAsyncTHierarchyItemAsync Properties

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference

The EngineAsyncTHierarchyItemAsync generic type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCalculateContentLength
Indicates if response content length is calculated. Default is true.
Public propertyContentEncoding
Gets or sets the HTTP character set of the output stream. Default is UTF-8.
Public propertyCorsAllowedFor
Enables or disables CORS.
Public propertyCode exampleLicense
Gets or sets the license text.
Public propertyLogger
ILogger instance which engine will use for logging.
Public propertyOutputXmlFormatting
Specifies whether XML written to the output will be formatted. Default is false.
Public propertyUseFullUris
Specifies whether engine shall use full or relative urls. Default is true.
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