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Privilege Fields

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference

The Privilege type exposes the following members.

Public fieldStatic memberAll
Is an aggregate privilege that contains the entire set of privileges that can be applied to the item.
Public fieldStatic memberBind
Allows creating child items in a collection.
Public fieldName
Privilege name.
Public fieldNamespace
Namespace of privilege.
Public fieldStatic memberRead
Controls methods that return information about the state of the resource, including the resource's properties. Affected methods include downloading content and retrieving information about item.
Public fieldStatic memberReadAcl
Public fieldStatic memberReadCurrentUserPrivilegeSet
Public fieldStatic memberUnbind
Allows removing child items from collection (for example using DeleteAsync(MultistatusException) or MoveToAsync(IItemCollection, String, MultistatusException)).
Public fieldStatic memberUnlock
Controls the use of the UnlockAsync(String) method by a principal other than the lock owner (the principal that created a lock can always perform an UnlockAsync(String)).
Public fieldStatic memberWrite
Controls methods that lock an item or modify the content, properties, or membership of a collection.
Public fieldStatic memberWriteAcl
Public fieldStatic memberWriteContent
Controls methods that modify the content of an existing resource, such as WriteAsync(Stream, String, Int64, Int64).
Public fieldStatic memberWriteProperties
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