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ITHit.WebDAV.Server.CardDav Namespace

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference
This namespace provides interfaces for creating CardDAV server.
Public interfaceCode exampleIAddressbookDiscovery
Assists in finding address books on a CardDAV server. Enables addressbook-home-set feature support discovery.
Public interfaceCode exampleIAddressbookFolder
Represents address book on a CardDAV server.
Public interfaceIAddressbookItem
Represents folder, file or principal on a CardDAV server. Enables addressbook feature support discovery.
Public interfaceIAddressbookPrincipal
Represents principal on a server that supports CardDAV.
Public interfaceIAddressbookReport
Represents an item that can process addressbook-query and addressbook-multiget reports.
Public interfaceCode exampleICardFile
Represents business card in address book on a CardDAV server.