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ITHit.WebDAV.Server.CalDav Namespace

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference
This namespace provides interfaces for creating calendar server.
Public classSharingInvite
Represents information about invitation.
Public structureAppleShare
Describes sharing operation specific to Apple iCal.
Public interfaceIAppleCalendarAsync
Calendars that imlement this interface support calendar sharing from iCal on iOS and Mac OS X. Enables calendarserver-sharing feature support discovery.
Public interfaceCode exampleICalendarDiscoveryAsync
Assists in finding calendars on a CalDAV server. Enables calendar-home-set feature support discovery.
Public interfaceCode exampleICalendarFileAsync
Represents calendar file.
Public interfaceCode exampleICalendarFolderAsync
Represents a calendar on a CalDAV server.
Public interfaceICalendarItem
Represents folder, file or principal on a CalDAV server. Enables calendar-access feature support discovery.
Public interfaceICalendarPrincipalAsync
Represents principal on a server that supports CalDAV.
Public interfaceICalendarReportAsync
Represents an item that can process calendar-query and calendar-multiget reports.
Public interfaceIScheduleInboxFolderAsync
Represents scheduling inbox folder.
Public interfaceIScheduleOutboxFolderAsync
Represents scheduling outbox folder.
Public interfaceISchedulingPrincipalAsync
Represents principal on a CalDAV server with Scheduling Extensions support. Enables calendar-auto-schedule feature support discovery.
Public enumerationAppleAllowedSharingMode
Indicates which sharing or publishing capabilities are supported by the calendar collection.
Public enumerationAppleSharingOperation
Describes sharing operations that are specific to Apple iCal
Public enumerationCalendarComponentType
Specifies the calendar component types (e.g., VEVENT, VTODO, etc.) that calendar object resources can contain in the calendar collection.
Public enumerationCalendarSharedBy
Indicates that the calendar is shared and if it is shared by the current user who is the owner of the calendar.
Public enumerationSharingInviteAccess
Shared calendar access level privilege.
Public enumerationSharingInviteStatus
Sharing invite status.