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ICalDate Interface

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference
Represents a property that contains date or date-time with or without time zone.

Namespace:  ITHit.Collab.Calendar
Assembly:  ITHit.Collab (in ITHit.Collab.dll) Version: (
public interface ICalDate : IProperty, 
	ITextProperty, ITimeZoneIdParam, IDate

The ICalDate type exposes the following members.

Public propertyContainer
Parent component for this instance.
(Inherited from IProperty.)
Public propertyRawProperty
Provides low-level access to business card or calendar property.
(Inherited from IProperty.)
Public propertyText
Gets or sets decoded property value as text.
(Inherited from ITextProperty.)
Public propertyTimeZoneId
Gets or sets time zone identifier. Provides access to "TZID" parameter.
(Inherited from ITimeZoneIdParam.)
Public propertyValue
Gets or sets date and time with a set of flags that defines which date and time parts are specified.
(Inherited from IDate.)
Public methodRemove
Deletes property from calendar or business card.
(Inherited from IProperty.)

This property can contain "floating" time (without time zone), time related to time zone specified in TimeZoneId, or time in UTC.

In case the time is "floating", the Kind is set to Local. The TimeZoneId is always null in this case.

In case the time is in time zone specified by TimeZoneId, the Kind is set to Unspecified.

In case the time is in UTC, the Kind is set to Utc.

This property can contain date and time or date only. To find if time is specified check the Time flag of the Components property. If time is not specified the TimeZoneId is typically also not specified and returns null.

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