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DriveEvents Class

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference
External applications executed during various events.
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Namespace:  ITHit.MapWebDAVDrive.Core
Assembly:  ITHit.MapWebDAVDrive.Core (in ITHit.MapWebDAVDrive.Core.dll) Version: 1.3.997.0 (1.3.997.0)
public class DriveEvents

The DriveEvents type exposes the following members.

Public methodDriveEvents
Initializes an empty instance of the DriveEvents class.
Public methodDriveEvents(String, String)
Initializes a new instance of DriveEvents class with the specified external applications.
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Public fieldOnAfterFileCreate
Path to external application executed after file creation.
Public fieldOnBeforeFileContentUpdate
Path to external application executed before file content update.

The user applications specified in this class will be executed when items are being created or updated. Usually you will use this events to call your application during file content update. In your application you can request additional information from the user about the item being updated and submit this data to server or save it anywhere else. Usually you will save the data in item custom properties.

The drive letter, URL of the item and item lock token, if any, are passed as application parameters. In your application you can use the IDriveServiceManager.GetDrive() method and than call DriveSettings.GetSession() method to get WebDavSession object for manipulating the item.

The Map WebDAV Drive analyzes the return code of the application. If your application returns 0 the operation succeeds. It any other value is returned the operation failed.

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