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ITHit.MapWebDAVDrive.Core Namespace

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference
Provides Map WebDAV Drive Service classes for mounting WebDAV drive.
Public classCode exampleActiveDrive
Represents WebDAV drive mounted to the local file system.
Public classActiveDriveDirectoryEnumerationCont
Public classActiveDriveVirtualFile
Public classDriveEvents
External applications executed during various events.
Public classDriveSettings
Represents settings of the drive mounted to the local file system.
Public classManagement
Provides methods for setting license and installing/uninstalling file system driver.
Public classProxySettings
Represents proxy settings for the drive.
Public classTimeOutPeriod
Public enumerationLockBehavior
Specifies when a file should be locked automatically locked.
Public enumerationLockTimeOutUnit
Public enumerationUploadBuffering
Specifies if content is buffered in memory before sending to server.