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ICollabObject Interface

IT Hit WebDAV Classes Reference
Represents business card or calendar object.

Namespace:  ITHit.Collab
Assembly:  ITHit.Collab (in ITHit.Collab.dll) Version: (
public interface ICollabObject : IComponent

The ICollabObject type exposes the following members.

Public propertyComponents
Dictionary of all calendar components. Empty for card object.
(Inherited from IComponent.)
Public propertyDelimiter
Object delimiter such as VCARD, VCALENDAR, VEVENT, VTODO, etc
(Inherited from IComponent.)
Public propertyProductId
Specifies the identifier for the product that created this business card or calendar.
Public propertyProperties
Dictionary of all business card or calendar properties.
(Inherited from IComponent.)
Public propertyVersion
Specifies the version of the business card or calendar specification.
Public methodAddProperty
Adds property to Properties list. The property must be created by created by CreateRawProperty call.
(Inherited from IComponent.)
Public methodCreateCustomComponent
Creates a component that can be added to the list of components of this object.
(Inherited from IComponent.)
Public methodCreatePropertyT
Creates a property that do not occure more than once in calendar or business card.
Public methodCreateRawProperty
Creates property that can be added to the list of properties of this object.
(Inherited from IComponent.)
Public methodCreateTextProp
Creates ITextProperty property. Returns null if value parameter is null. Assign the value returned by this method to properties that has a ITextProperty type.
In addition to properties and methods provided by IComponent this interface provides Version and ProductId properties.
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